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Betsy Hauser


Betsy has been in the mortgage industry since 1987 and was a co-owner of New England Capitol Mortgage Company for 24 years. Betsy takes pride in personalizing the best possible mortgage options for her clients’ needs. During Betsy’s tenure, the mortgage industry experienced many fluctuations. Through it all, Betsy’s extensive knowledge, experience, and exceptional service allowed her to maintain her presence and a loyal customer base.


Betsy graduated with honors from Eastern Nazarene College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. She currently lives in West Harwich Massachusetts. All members of her family are avid skiers and snowboarders and enjoy many outdoor activities.



What our customers have to say about Betsy:

"I knew if anyone would be able to get us to the closing table despite all the special circumstances involved with the loan it would be Betsy. The closing went through seamlessly and the buyer agent was amazed that we closed on time. The buyer was extremely relieved when he was literally able to walk off the plane, close and move into his new home all in the same day. I know they appreciated Betsy's diligence and the effort she put into the loan on their behalf... There is literally no other lender I do business with that provides the attorney with the closing package 3 days prior to closing at a minimum. It takes the stress out of the closing process for all parties."
"Betsy has been an integral member of our professional lives for the better part of a decade now. She is a straight shooter who knows right from the start whether a deal makes sense, and she advises accordingly. Betsy has helped us with multiple deals personally and we have of course referred her to our clients & friends. A consummate professional, we thank Betsy for staying in contact with our clients through the years advising along the way how they can reach their goals. I have been blessed to work with many professionals through my years and Betsy ranks in the top 10.  She is an industry expert and a smaller bank like Camden National doesn’t typically have talent of this caliper…but luckily for their clients, they do!"