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Funds availability

Manage your account with confidence

Funds Availability

Understanding your deposits and accessing your money

With all of the ways you can bank today, we want to help you understand when your deposits will be available for you to use (potentially avoiding fees). No matter how you choose to deposit money into your account, we’ve got you covered, and we want you to feel the same way.

What to expect with checks

The availability of deposited checks is one of the most common questions people have. Here’s a quick overview:

Unless a hold is placed on the check, the first $225 is available to spend immediately. The rest of your check will be available to spend after nightly posting if it was deposited before the deadline on a business day.

If a hold is placed, the amount you have available to spend immediately will depend on the type of hold, and it may be several days before the rest of your check is available and safe to spend.

Know what's available before you spend

Understanding how much money you have available to spend starts with knowing a bit more about the process on our end. When you deposit money, we work to get you your funds as quickly as possible, and we stick to a routine process for different kinds of deposits to help keep your money safe and secure.

We’re keeping you posted, so to speak:

  • Memo Posted — Your deposit is memo posted when we first receive it and it’s being processed, but some or all of it may not be ready for you to spend yet. In other words, it’s pending. Everything that’s available to spend immediately is in your “Available Balance,” and the entire memo posted deposit is in your “Current Balance.” You can see both balances in your online banking account details.
  • Posted — Your deposit is posted when processing is complete. This means the entire deposit is yours to spend. Everything that’s been posted is included in your “Available Balance” in your online banking account details.

Quick Tip! To know how much is available for you to spend at any given moment, log into online banking, click on your account, view the "Details" tab, and see "Available Balance"

For more information, you can learn about when and how we post transactions here.

Your Deposit
When it’s added to available balance
Deadline to be posted on same business day
Check Deposit through a Teller First $225 immediately;
remainder when posted
Based on banking center’s hours of operation
Check Deposit through the ATM First $225 immediately;
remainder when posted
7 p.m. ET at envelope-free Smart ATMs
2 p.m. ET for envelope deposit ATMs
Mobile Deposit Nothing immediately;
all when posted
7 p.m. ET
Direct Deposit All immediately No deadline; posted immediately
Cash Deposit with the Teller All immediately Based on banking center's hours of operation
Cash Deposit at our Smart ATMs All immediately 7 p.m. ET
Cash Deposit at our Envelope ATMs First $225 immediately;
remainder when posted
2 p.m. ET
Cash Deposit through the Night Depository All when processed during banking center’s hours of operation 7 a.m. ET
Payment collected with your Camden National Bank debit card All immediately 3 p.m. ET
Payment collected with Camden National Bank’s routing number and your account number All available 1-3 business days after sender completes payment No deadline; posted immediately
The check deposit rules above do not apply to checks drawn on non-domestic banks. Please refer to the Funds Availability Policy that applies to your account for more information. A copy of our Funds Availability Policy is provided here for your information only.

A note about holds

When you deposit a check, we might place a hold, which means it can take a bit longer for the money to be available for you to spend. There are a number of reasons why this can happen, including:
We're getting to know you

Your account is still pretty new, and we haven’t yet gotten to know each other that well. Not to worry, we’ll get past this new relationship stage pretty quickly (after your first 30 days).
We’re protecting you

We’re reviewing some things about your check—such as recent history of other checks the sender has written. We want to feel confident that it will be paid, so there’s less risk to you, should the check be ultimately returned.

We’re handling a large check

When you deposit a check for more than $5,525, a hold may be placed on some of the funds out of responsibility to protect us both from any possible losses until we are confident that the money will come in and stay.

If we do place a hold on a check, we’ll notify you either in-person at our banking center, or through a notice in the mail. We recommend monitoring your account and your available balance through your digital banking to ensure you know when your funds are available.

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