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Bringing hope and vital support to those in need.

Hope at Home

When you bought a home this year, you helped someone without one. Thanks to the dedication and loyalty of our amazing customers and employees, we’re raising awareness for the prevalent issue of homelessness in our communities, while giving unrestricted funds to the organizations at the forefront of providing help. Together, we’re making a real difference for children and families in need of extra support.

$100 donated for every new home we finance 

50+ homeless shelters supported in our communities 

$780,000+ donated in total since 2015

Building networks of support

Each quarter, we deliver Hope@Home donation checks to local homeless shelters, where many of our employees also volunteer their time and/or serve on the board of directors. At the bank, we frequently host local and company-wide “drives” for much-needed items like toiletry items, blankets, clothing, toys for kids, and more.

Empowering the experts 

Local staff at each homeless shelter can determine the best use of Hope@Home funds based on their unique needs - whether it’s capital needs, purchasing food or vital resources for clients, investing in program development, or paying their dedicated staff.

Making a difference 

Hope@Home launched in 2015 when Greg Dufour, our President & CEO, saw a group of children in his hometown boarding the school bus from a local motel. He quickly realized this was because their families were living at the motel without anywhere else to sleep the night before. Immediately, he began consulting with local housing experts to create a program that would bring direct support to these families and children in need. Eight years later, with thousands of homes financed and over $780,000 donated, we believe we’re helping strengthen the fabric of the communities where we all love to live, work, and play.

Customer Testimonials


From our community partners

"Camden National Bank’s ongoing financial support of unrestricted funds is one of the largest of its kind. When we receive these funds, we’re able to shift funding to critical or unfunded areas, and the impact is immediately felt throughout the organization."
Bob Dawber, Executive Director York County Shelter Programs

From our community partners

"“We’re incredibly grateful for Camden National Bank’s commitment to ending homelessness. They continue to be one of our largest supporters, and they have changed lives through Hope@Home.”
 Karen Bournival, Operations Director, Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter

From our community partners

“Since I moved to Belfast, I have been very impressed with Camden National Bank and all of your employees. I have no doubt that I will continue to support and be a partner. Donating money to the homeless on my behalf was a very special gift. Thank you.” 
Ann S.  - Belfast, Maine