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ESG, Environmental


Operating responsibly


Reducing our environmental footprint

We are committed to operating our business responsibly, understanding that doing so will help us create long-term, sustainable value for our constituents and society. We aim to advance smart, responsible practices that lessen our impact and contribute to our business goals.

We foster sustainability by:

  • Financing clean energy and energy efficiency projects.
  • Embracing digital tools to reduce paper usage and reliance on paper-intensive processes.
  • Reducing waste and energy, and resource usage in our facilities.

Climate resilience and management
We recognize that climate change is already impacting regions around the world, including ours, and we are committed to making climate risk a key component of our overall risk management framework

Highlights from our latest environmental impact:

digital banking logins
of paper securely shredded and recycled
pages of paper saved by encouraging paperless statements

Decreasing Energy Consumption
At the end of 2022, 23% of our non-banking center employees were classified as fully remote workers. This gives our employees greater flexibility while reducing the environmental impact of commuting each day. During this time, energy and water consumption at our operations offices have also decreased. In 2022, we tallied 23,500 meetings using our upgraded cloud-based conferencing software, allowing us to reduce travel and maintain a high level of connectivity and collaboration between employees and our customers.

Increasing LED Lighting
We are mindful of the direct environmental impact of our banking centers and operations facilities. We actively seek to reduce adverse effects where possible. We partner with Efficiency Maine, an independent administrator for programs to improve energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions for consumers and businesses. Our partnership has led us to implement an energy-efficient LED lighting strategy and motion sensor automation to decrease energy consumption while participating in tax-advantaged promotions and programs.

Creating environmental benefits through digital adoption
We offer a full slate of digital banking solutions to provide self-service options for our customers. We are committed to delivering advanced digital banking solutions that meet customers’ preferences for self-service transactions utilizing online, mobile, and ATM channels. As customers turn to our sophisticated digital banking tools for managing their everyday finances, reliance on fossil fuels for travel to and from the banking center decreases.

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