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ESG, Environmental

Environmental Stewardship

Toward Sustainable Operations


Mitigating risks and empowering customers

We believe that by reducing the environmental impact of our operations, we create long-term value for our constituents and align our values with those of our customers and employees.

We work to continually mitigate environmental risks to our business and our communities while empowering customers to bank the way they want and giving employees the tools to collaborate and connect remotely.

We have established a Board-approved Environmental Risk Policy and Program to manage overall environmental risks in our credit and lending activity in alignment with safety and soundness principles. This policy is consistent with regulatory guidance.

Highlights from our latest environmental impact:

digital banking logins
of paper securely shredded and recycled
pages of paper saved by encouraging paperless statements


In 2023, total digital banking logins grew to 22.6 million, a 17% increase over 2022. Over 51% of our consumer and 49% of our business customers are digitally active, with most of our commercial clients using our treasury services within online banking. We issued paperless statements to 59% of our consumer deposit accounts and 58% of our business deposit accounts, which translates to about 3 million pages of paper saved each year.

Our secure, easy-to-use online application platforms, MortgageTouch® and BusinessTouch™, allow customers and employees to upload documents electronically, reducing paper use. In 2023, 34% of funded residential loans originated using MortgageTouch®, and we opened nearly 1,000 customer accounts online.

Our secure document imaging platform, which we adopted in 2011, currently houses 180 million pages digitally, reducing the need for paper printing and storage.

Customer Testimonials

Renewable energy

Renewable energy, including solar, wind, and other technologies, has environmental and economic benefits, including generating energy with lower greenhouse gas emissions than fossil fuels, diversifying our energy supply, and creating economic development and jobs in manufacturing, installation, and more.

In 2023, we committed $5 million in a targeted solar tax equity investment to further our environmental commitment. The investment will help fund five solar projects, a combined portfolio of 21.98 MWdc located across three states utilizing three diverse offtake strategies. This portfolio is inclusive of three community solar projects participating in the Net Energy Billing (NEB) program in Maine. Under the NEB program, subscribers receive a kWh credit on their monthly utility bill based on their share of the output of a solar project.