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Your Debit Card + Chip Technology

Everything your current card is, with added security.

Use your chip card everywhere you normally would, and enjoy an extra level of protection for in-store purchases where chip technology is accepted.

All Camden National Bank Visa® debit cards now have embedded chips.

Topnotch security
Security is evolving, and chip technology is the future. The chip embedded in your card provides additional security when used at a chip enabled merchant terminal, making it nearly impossible to copy or steal your card data.

Wider acceptance
Every day, more merchants local to you and around the world are embracing chip technology. Your new chip card means that wherever you go, you have a more secure and accepted way to pay!

How to use your chip card: 

Step 1: Insert your card into the terminal, chip first and face up. Keep the card in the terminal.

Step 2: Provide your signature or PIN as prompted by the terminal.

Step 3: Remove your card when the purchase is complete.

Why the chip?


When will I get my chip card?

Camden National Bank debit cards have all been reissued as chip-enabled cards offering an extra level of security when used for in-store purchases. If you have a debit card with us that doesn’t have a chip, please stop by your local banking center or call 800-860-8821 to request a chip card.

To learn more:

Chip Card FAQs

Chip Card Glossary

Questions? Please call us at 800-860-8821 or visit your local banking center.

*Camden National Bank is an early adopter of chip technology for debit cards, which means that you may encounter merchants or terminals that aren't ready to process chip "debit" purchases. In this instance, you may have to sign for your debit purchase rather than entering your PIN, if required by the merchant. If you desire cash back, please remember that you can always visit any Camden National Bank ATM or branch or any Maine Cash Access ATM to withdraw funds free of charge.